I Am Breaking Up With You- Marrying Someone Else


Love, the Bible says is patience and kind. But will that remain as it is, in the life of every person hovering on the surface of the earth. Love means many things to many people but it may mean a big deal for some other people.

To some, losing a love one can end them up in a perpetual mental disorder especially to the female gender but to others, they have the shock absorbers of life to resist the disappointment that may be aligned with a chosen partner.

Disappointments in relationships may be inevitable especially a relationship that becomes a distance one. However, the willingness and the commitment to withhold each other can help in avoiding any disappointment that may want to show up.

As a human society that keeps evolving, being faithful to a partner is virtually lost in the dictionary of the twenty-first century youth and adult. It has been become like a myth, but in reality, it shouldn’t have been so. To find a true beloved in the current dispensation has become like searching for a gold in the mines.

To some people, falling in love has become more risky than contracting the most dangerous disease on earth today – is it ebola or HIV/AIDS? Nevertheless, Inasmuch as, we live on earth, humanity will continue love one another, demonstrate love, marry, procreate and live, continuing the cycle of life.

The pain of losing a loved one to another person of same or similar caliber is, in no doubt, painful but how will you respond to this week’s topic?

This week’s topic is: “The Man you’re engaged to be married to, comes back from so many years of staying overseas only to tell you that he has found another woman he wants to marry. What will you do?

We hit the streets to find to get views from the public on the topic:


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