Would You Allow Your Underage Teenager To Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend? – A Street Interview


Being a parent comes with tons and tons of responsibility, especially if you want to be a good one. From making sure your babies eat healthy, sleep well to even the kind of friends they keep. This doesn’t seem like much work until your obedient adorable kids metamorphosize into teenagers, then you realize you are in a whole different ball game.

At this stage, parenting is like being forced to live and reason with an angry mob, nothing seems to get done without a ‘fight’. This is when parents realize that their precious bundles of love have outgrown their parenting skills, and therefore need an upgrade to equip themselves with a whole new set of skills. ‘Dealing with Rebels 101’, ‘Negotiating with Aliens 3.0″, “Sex Education for High-Libido Teens” and the almighty ‘Boyfriend-Girlfriend Talk’.

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Since this week’s topic centres on whether parents should allow their underage teenagers to keep boyfriends or girlfriends, we decided to take counsel from real parents who have either dealt with or still dealing with this out-of-the-ordinary age group. This is what they had to say:



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